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The Brush and Couture

The Brush and Couture


This course in partnership with Eryca Freemantle and is designed for those who want to understand how fashion and makeup pull together.

Although intensive, it is fun. On this one day class or online minimum recommended 8 hours. No previous experience needed.

Attendees will be awarded with a BIA. (BEAUTY IN AUTHORITY) qualification.

Fashion isn’t just about throwing a look together. Those outside of the industry, or any of the various facets within the make up and fashion world, may not know quite how intricate and complex a machine it can be. ‘Creating a look’ requires talented, passionate people to work together to create stunning works of art – and more often than not, it is the relationship between makeup artists and fashion designers who supply the core to the fashion machine.

We Study:

  • Business goes beyond shows – find investors.
  • How makeup and fashion designers work together.
  • How make-up  brands are developed directly and how fashion influences makeup trends.
  • What works on the catwalk
  • How to reach a perfect goal for both artist and designer.
  • How  fashion designers and makeup artistry work in hues and textures
  • How to own your style
  • Gain deeper understanding  of what the fashion designer requirements.
  • Understand your business goes beyond  fashion shows.
  • Poor communication and a lack of respect between designers and artists, could lead to disastrous portfolios and campaigns

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