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The Business of Diversity

This course is over 5 days, intense and extremely dynamic. Or online over minimum 40 hours. Attendees will be awarded with BIA (BEAUTY IN AUTHORITY) qualification. Previous makeup experience is recommended but not essential.

Day 1: New World, New Market: Introduction

This five day masterclass is aimed at the intermediate to advanced MUA. It breaks down the role of a professional makeup artist when working in the business of the beauty industry. It separates the amateurs from the professionals by looking at the business role of the makeup artist. During this first day 'New World, New Markets' you will learn how to develop a strong beauty brand and define your business differentiation within this fast moving beauty market. By the end of the first day you will have learnt how to reach and connect with a diverse market place, from across the globe.

Day 2: The Business

During Day 2 you gain in-depth knowledge on how the business of the beauty industry functions including learning about NDA's, partnerships, business definition, the art of networking, insurance, legal entities, accountants, project management, the role of your manager and agent, freelancer contracts and payment negotiations, the benefits of beauty shows, trade and exhibitions. Plus learning about the business of bridal and diversifying your income streams.

Day 3: Shades of Beauty

During Day 3 delegates will learn how to develop their skills for all tones of women. From the darker tones, to the mature woman, it breaks down the role of a professional makeup artist when working on a range of women from diverse backgrounds. During this day you will learn what are undertones & hues; the understanding of undertones on darker skin tones and the three different ways to determine the undertone on darker skin. You will also learn about the power of pigments in makeup.

Day 4: Brush Up

Day 4 has been developed to give you an insight into the fundamentals of working with excessively curly and textured hair. The aim of the day is to give clarity on available products and their uses for this hair type, as well as the maintenance and styling techniques used in delivering salon services to clients with excessively curly hair. On completion of this course you will gain the underpinning knowledge that allows you to maintain excessively curly hair. You will develop an insight to the required techniques needed; enabling you, the practitioner, to create looks using technical finishing effectively.

Day 5: Go Digital

Day 5 will teach how to secure income streams for your beauty brand from across the Digital landscape. It will provide you with an even greater understanding of how to stand out within the competitive social media market place and secure digital partners that will commercialise and globalise your brand.

During the afternoon of Day 5 you will have the opportunity to meet industry leaders by way of networking.

The Business of Diversity


The Brush and Couture