Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting my web site. I attend and speak at many conferences each year; small and large events. I am an educator and am learning all the time. A chance conversation this month made me sit up and think about how to keep in contact better with all the lovely people I meet. As we all live ever busy lives it becomes harder to stay in touch – I want to change that. I want to get to know and serve you on a deeper level, so developed my VIP idea. The thing is, if you have met me I will remember you, so by signing up and keeping in touch via social media, emails and through the methods I will send to you we can continue our relationship further.

I will be providing my VIPs with special information, podcasts and more each month, things I know will be of use to you. So sign up, I won’t be bombarding you with loads of sales messages and nonsense, just from the heart messages and information I genuinely believe will be of use to you.