Eryca’s Speaker Profile

Eryca Freemantle is well known as a Global beauty expert and strategist.

In her career, spanning over 30 years, Eryca has worked with some of the most established and well-known global beauty brands alongside some of the greatest names in show business!

Although Eryca is best known currently for her multi award winning work in the beauty industry, she regards all of her work as being for a bigger purpose, empowering women.

Eryca Freemantle views both beauty and make up as being a huge part of a woman’s self- esteem and because of this she works with women of all ages, races and cultures across the world, covering both inner and outer beauty through training and mentoring them on subjects including confidence building, self-care, and achieving a healthy mental state. Eryca is a leading coach and empowerment mentor and it is her aim to reach and help more and more women across the globe through her speaking engagements and coaching programmes. Eryca is a proud mentor at the Princes Trust.

Eryca’s Story

After being bullied for years as a child, being the victim of sexual abuse and suffering the tragic loss of her hair and being facially scarred with life changing spinal injuries in a car accident, Eryca is well placed to help others reach their potential. Eryca’s unique warm and approachable methods mean people immediately respond to her and can follow her teaching to create their own successful path. Eryca has created an unstoppable life for herself and draws, but never dwells on, her amazingly tough journey to date to help others. Married and divorced, Eryca understands how hard it is to pick yourself up and face the world and now wants to use her own, often harrowing experiences, to help others overcome their own problems and create a better life for themselves.

Eryca’s View

Eryca believes in sharing her journey through her own life story so it enables others to realise that they too can uplift themselves from any situation. Eryca believes that every woman is beautiful and deserves to be confident in their own abilities and how they present themselves to the world. She is on a mission to help as many women as possible to grow comfortable in their own skin and to be true to themselves.

Eryca’s Mission

Eryca’s mission is to empower women of all ages to reach their personal best. Eryca speaks regularly for SchoolSpeakers and other organisations enabling her to share her experiences both in schools and at industry events. Regularly speaking at Professional Beauty, Olympia, Beauty World, Beauty in Dubai and other international conferences including those held at Cambridge and Oxford universities; Eryca is often booked to speak at women’s’ conferences and transformational events including in 2017, the House of Commons and Facebook’s London office.

Coaching with Eryca

Currently Eryca works with large groups through speaking engagements. She tells her own unique story to inspire and help others and offers group coaching to small intimate groups.

Whether it is overcoming a difficulty, getting unstuck or wanting to rebuild your life after tragedy, Eryca can help. As a business woman Eryca can also help you with her beauty industry knowledge and expertise if you are aiming to build your own beauty business and not sure where to start. With her conversational style.

and easy-going manner, you will be uplifted and focused to achieve your goals. Compassionate and non-judgemental Eryca can help you be the very best version of yourself and reach your own success goals.

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10th May 2018

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23rd – 24th March 2018


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1st February 2018




Skin Lightening – Shades of Beauty by Eryca Freemantle

Sunday 1st October  11am – 12pm