As you will see from my web site bio , for many years I have worked in the beauty industry and now am a leading Global beauty strategist. This means I advise brands and beauty businesses what customers expect and need from them and assist them in developing a winning business strategy.

After a successful career in property I decided to learn about the beauty industry and became a makeup artist. This opened the doors to me working across the globe including UK, USA, Africa, and Europe. I have worked with both brands and individuals, and out of this work my consultancy began.

At the heart of all of this is my love for helping others, and, most of all, empowering women to be their best self. Working holistically with women I know all I have been through helps me to use all the many years of pain in my own life to help you get through yours. My career has been the shining spot in my life after my gorgeous daughter, but my story shows I am a survivor.

I talk openly, often on a public stage as a key note speaker, about my hair loss, multiple facial scars, depression and anxiety, divorce, life changing back surgery, hip replacement and more and my experience of sexual abuse as a child. I have come back from the brink to create my own better stronger life and can help you do the same.


Does any of this sound like you?

You are told you are fortunate to be living your life, but you feel like you are drowning on the inside?

You find yourself seeking your life’s purpose and revisiting the question ‘what I am here for’ over and over again.

You feel like you are on a treadmill with each day a replica of the last and know there must be a better way?

I can help you find a better way to live your life, so you love getting up each morning and feel energised and inspired, knowing you are on the right track. I can help explore many possibilities, using techniques, tools and with support, so you take care of yourself and reach your potential. My promise to you is to find a way to heal that is right for you, to overcome destructive habits, self talk and self limiting beliefs so you can truly explore the best version of you every day. My years in beauty and fitness can help you feel better inside and out and I can share with you my own experiences of removing foods and toxic experiences from my life, so I feel well each day. My mantra is when we see ourselves in a better light we do better in all aspects of our life and that is what I can help you to do.



I can only work one to one with a limited number of people each year, if you have decided that 2018 is going to be ‘Your Year’ then apply below. I look at each application personally and respond to you, the next stage, if your application shows me you are ready to take this big and exciting step is to have a call together. That way I can really understand what you need from me and we can look at the best way to work together? Sound good? Complete the form below and my team will get in touch to start our journey together


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and teacher of Meditation and Positive Psychology

I taught Eryca on my psychology/self-development courses and have always found her to be an excellent professional. She has an excellent sense of who she is and has obviously done a lot of self-development work. She is able to be self-reflective, analytical and then able to articulate herself in an excellent manner.

She is enthusiastic to help others by asking gentle yet probing questions of them and able to offer tips and advice to them from her own wealth of knowledge and experience.

Eryca is an excellent coach/counsellor as she is empathetic, approachable is able to easily create rapport and trust

Theresa Borg BA (Hons) DHP DCH GQHP MPLTA

Eryca led a powerful speaker session on media platforms and staying true to  her purpose she truly resonated with our audience. Eryca was open, honest and informative – Eryca pulled in numerous real examples from her own professional journey which gave  a tangible and relatable feel.  Eryca is a natural leader

Lundie Strom SheLeadsAfrica

Eryca has been my mentor  and life coach for 3 years +. She has been the light that has guided me through many  life and business situations. Ironically, I was never one to have much belief in my self or others even though I’m an International music artiste, but I found  myself taking her advice and direction more assertively, and each time I do, I thrived.

She is the most caring and daring woman I have met. her life is an example of self made success. For me, it tells the story of one who’s accomplishments are of great inspiration”

– Seyi Shay

International Songstress