Eryca Freemantle  previously  worked with the UKTI (United Kingdom Trade & Investments) now  known has  DTI as an international beauty case study for the UK government, working with representatives from Brazil, Spain, USA, South Africa, West Africa, India, Japan, and France, they required her expertise to improve their markets on makeup and skincare needs for women of colour. Eryca writes treatments for reality TV shows about the makeup and beauty industry in the UK and Africa. She is now in talks with a major multinational about becoming a global consultant. Several years ago she was handpicked to work with South Africa and Nigeria where she successfully worked with the market leaders of the fashion & beauty industry’s. Eryca was Interviewed by Forbes Magazine and Bloomberg TV, and was guest host presenter for the Ebony Life TV in Nigeria. A recent interview with

Glazia Magazine Where do you see the African beauty industry in the next five years?

EF;  Assurance, insurance, standards and quality services can be improved. I would love to see personally the industry have some sort of standardization and some sort of association where people can complain. The positive… there is so much creativity in this market place, it needs to be controlled and people need to be paid accordingly. I don’t think those that are really skilled realize how much they are worth and how much they can actually earn. But it all has to be structured and certain legislations needs to be put in place. The next five years, I can see huge boom.  I work and I deal with trends and predictions. Due to confidentiality agreements I can’t give away that intellectual property but I do know that Africa – is the place to be.