A formidable business woman and an expert in many areas of property, strategy and management. She remarkably balances both careers, beauty, and property. Eryca philosophy – “It is better to have 50% of profitable businesses than 100% of nothing

An astute property investor, educator and trusted advisor, Eryca is passionate about tangible assets as a means of wealth creation and people building. Working with other property tycoons she also works closely with other property clubs across the UK, Eryca and her business partner assist others get onto the property ladder as a means of securing their financial future and empowering themselves to make better life choices.

This is all an effort to encourage people to gain clarity, confidence, and competence regardless their age.

She believes property and business motivates individuals, filling the confidence gap, develop the right mind-set, stay disciplined, identify opportunities.

She encourages others to develop a sense of purpose and secure their financial future through investing wisely.