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Eryca Freemantle, born in London, emerged as a prominent figure in the late 1980s, a period that also saw the rise of renowned artists like Pat McGrath. Her journey commenced alongside some of London’s top talents within the makeup industry, landing her a pivotal role at Island Records. There, she collaborated with incredibly successful music artists, contributing her expertise to pop videos, commercials, and magazines.


Eryca Freemantle stands as a thought leader and a passionate advocate for diversity. Recognizing the intricate connections between makeup, entertainment, fashion, and the music industry, she has dedicated herself to the mission of continuous education. Her advocacy extends to representing black women in the makeup and beauty sector, earning her recognition in esteemed publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg TV, The Evening Standard, Global Beauty News, and Cosmetics News.


She is the innovator and founder of E.A.T.O.W GLOBAL MAKE UP AWARDS, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and vision. Eryca understands the business of makeup and the economics of the industry, demonstrating her expertise as she no longer practices as a makeup artist. Her knowledge and experience have led her to collaborate with leading brands such as Laura Mercier, Keromask, Olympia Beauty, Pro Beauty, and Unilever. Additionally, she has served as a judge for prestigious awards like Pure Beauty Awards, Scratch Magazine & Awards, showcasing her industry acumen.


Eryca Freemantle’s influence reaches far beyond borders; she has left an indelible mark in various countries such as the UK, USA, Nigeria, Ghana, Dubai, Gambia, South Africa, and Germany, and her impact continues to expand globally. Her legacy serves as an inspiration, and her global footprint is a testament to her dedication and expertise within the makeup industry.

Meet Eryca Freemantle

A seasoned professional with an impressive 35-year journey in both business and the beauty industry. Formerly a makeup artist, her remarkable career trajectory began when she was hired by Island Records, leading to collaborations with successful celebrities. Over the years, Eryca has honed her expertise, becoming a leading expert, diversity specialist, educator, and esteemed public and keynote TEDx speaker. As a conscientious businesswoman, she has successfully navigated the industry, offering unique insights and opportunities.


Eryca Freemantle is more than just a consultant; she is a catalyst for meaningful progress. Drawing on her extensive experience, she provides exclusive and genuine opportunities for businesses worldwide. Her ability to connect professionals and high achievers goes beyond mere networking—it grants access to invaluable insights, inspirations, and opportunities for growth. Throughout her career, Eryca has collaborated with industry giants such as Laura Mercier, Keromask, Fashion Fair, Olympia Beauty, Professional Beauty, Nars, and others. Her expertise in diversity has earned her recognition from publications like Global Cosmetic News, further establishing her as a respected authority in the field.


Eryca Freemantle’s knowledge and expertise have left an indelible mark, evident in the acclaimed Netflix documentary “SKIN.” In addition to her on-screen presence, she co-hosts the popular TV show “Moments with Mo” in Lagos, Nigeria. As a proud Black woman, Eryca plays a pivotal role in reshaping businesses’ perspectives on inclusion, spearheading impactful campaigns like ‘Embracing All Tones of Women.’


Eryca Freemantle, a distinguished professional in the makeup industry, is a master at managing and cultivating strategic partnerships with brands and individuals on a global scale. With an in-depth understanding of the makeup space, Eryca demonstrates a keen awareness of industry trends, consumer preferences, and emerging markets.


As a visionary, Eryca not only manages relationships but also crafts mutually beneficial partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries. Serving as a bridge between makeup brands and influential individuals, she ensures seamless collaborations that maximize global impact and visibility.


Key attributes of Eryca Freemantle include:

Strategic Vision:
Eryca exhibits a strategic mindset, envisioning and implementing partnership strategies aligned with the overarching goals of both brands and individuals in the makeup industry.


Global Notability:
With a finger on the pulse of international trends, Eryca brings a global perspective to her partnerships. She leverages her understanding of diverse markets to facilitate collaborations that resonate across cultures.


Relationship Management:
Adept at building and nurturing relationships, Eryca excels in creating lasting connections with makeup brands and influential individuals, prioritizing open communication and mutual understanding.

Industry Expertise: Armed with in-depth knowledge of the makeup space, including product innovation, industry regulations, and consumer behavior, Eryca Freemantle serves as a trusted advisor to brands and individuals alike.


Networking Prowess: With an extensive network within the makeup industry, Eryca is well-connected, facilitating introductions and collaborations that open doors for both brands and individuals on a global scale.


Negotiation Skills:
A skilled negotiator, Eryca navigates partnerships with finesse. She ensures that agreements are equitable, mutually beneficial, and aligned with the strategic objectives of all parties involved.


Brand Representation: Serving as a representative of brands and individuals, Eryca understands the importance of maintaining a consistent and positive brand image. She embodies the values and ethos of the entities she partners with.


Innovative Thinking: Embracing creativity and innovation, Eryca seeks out unique opportunities and groundbreaking initiatives that set her collaborations apart in the competitive makeup landscape.


Results-Driven: With a focus on measurable outcomes, Eryca is committed to achieving tangible results for both brands and individuals. She tracks key performance indicators and adapts strategies to ensure success.


In essence, Eryca Freemantle is a dynamic and influential force within the makeup industry, orchestrating collaborations that elevate brands and individuals to new heights of global notoriety and success.

Her influence reaches across continents, making her a sought-after expert in countries such as England, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Gambia, Dubai, Turkey, and the USA. Eryca’s passion for education and empowering others led to her appointment as a Governor at the London Design & Engineering Academy. She serves as a mentor, Business Coach, Ambassador, and Life Coach for the Princes’ Trust, an initiative launched by King Charles in England. Eryca also served as a former adviser to the prestigious London College of Fashion.


Furthermore, her advocacy extends to high-profile events at the Houses of Parliament in London, England, where she shares her insights. Eryca Freemantle’s impactful collaborations with organizations like the UKTI showcase her dedication to fostering positive change on a global scale.


Eryca Freemantle stands as an icon in the beauty industry, revered by leading professionals who seek her expertise. With a career spanning decades, Eryca has chosen to operate primarily behind the scenes, yet her influence knows no bounds. Her reputation precedes her, and her specialized knowledge in beauty for women of color is in constant demand.


Eryca’s role as a consultant for renowned brands is testament to her expertise, where she has played a vital part in the development and successful launch of various products. Her impact transcends corporate realms; she dedicated several years serving on the board of advisors for the esteemed London College of Fashion. During her tenure, she not only contributed her wisdom but also authored numerous courses, shaping the education of future industry leaders.


Beyond academia, Eryca’s societal contributions are notable. She actively advised the government on the Body Image Campaign, focusing on the unique needs of young women of color, showcasing her commitment to meaningful change. Moreover, Eryca has been a catalyst in launching the careers of many aspiring individuals within the industry, solidifying her legacy as a mentor and guiding light.


Eryca Freemantle: Empowering Women Through Coaching


In the realm of business, discipline reigns supreme. Meet Eryca Freemantle, a seasoned life coach with a passion for empowering women to chase their dreams fearlessly. Eryca’s own journey is a testament to her resilience; a car accident left her bald, she endured bullying in school, and faced childhood abuse. Yet, she emerged stronger, mastering the art of resilience.


Eryca firmly believes that true transformation begins from within. She guides her clients through a profound inner journey, fostering self-love and confidence. According to her philosophy, when you nurture your inner self, your external radiance naturally follows. Eryca’s coaching style goes beyond the surface; she prefers one-on-one sessions, allowing her to delve deep into her clients’ lives and aspirations.


In the hands of Eryca Freemantle, women find not just a coach, but a compassionate mentor dedicated to illuminating their path to personal and professional fulfillment.


Eryca Freemantle is not just a speaker; she is a force of empowerment, addressing audiences with a captivating blend of wisdom and passion. Having delivered over 100 keynote speeches, Eryca’s talks resonate with both women and men, urging them to listen and learn together. Her engaging and inspirational speeches have graced the halls of schools, colleges, and universities, leaving a trail of inspired minds in her wake.


Eryca’s approach to speaking is rooted in authenticity and determination. She believes in getting the job done, speaking not just from the heart but from the pit of her stomach, channeling a power that resonates profoundly. One of her most significant achievements was addressing an audience of nearly 16,000 attendees at a women’s summit in Africa, a prestigious event arranged by the HRH and Governor of Calabar in Nigeria. Her impactful presence has also been felt at renowned platforms such as the Forbes Women Summit, Diversity & Inclusion conference in Germany, Lloyd’s Bank, NatWest, Olympia, Houses of Parliament, Unilever, Laura Mercier HQ, and UCL London.


Eryca Freemantle’s words echo far beyond the stage, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds, inspiring change and fostering inclusivity wherever her voice is heard.


In the intricate tapestry of industries, women of color stand as powerful contributors, both financially and aesthetically. Eryca Freemantle, a visionary strategist, recognizes the vital role they play, spending nine times more than any other race on beautification. Eryca champions the urgent need for infrastructures that level the playing field, enabling women of color to claim their rightful place. She sheds light on a crucial issue: many mainstream professionals remain oblivious to the subtle biases within their businesses, hindering the potential for success. Through candid and intellectually stimulating conversations, Eryca advocates for a harmonious fusion of cultures, poised to revolutionize multiple industries.


Over the years, industry leaders such as Euromonitor, Mintel, Unilever, African Beauty Report, Spell Magazine, Bloomberg, and the tech sector have sought Eryca’s insights, recognizing her unparalleled expertise. Her influence reverberates far and wide, shaping the way businesses perceive and embrace diversity.


In the realm of wellness, Eryca Freemantle is a guiding light, emphasizing the intricate balance of mind, body, soul, and spiritual well-being. She believes in empowering women to grasp the dynamics of long-term mental and physical health, urging them to rise above short-term challenges. Eryca’s personal journey, battling depression and anxiety, fuels her commitment to liberate others from the shackles of pain and trauma.


Eryca encourages women to reclaim their freedom, happiness, peace, and joy, emphasizing the importance of breaking free from toxic relationships and situations. Abuse, she affirms, wears many masks, and she shares invaluable insights on nurturing healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-belief. With a wealth of experience working alongside esteemed entities such as Island Records, Princes Trust, Breast Cancer Awareness, Amey Finance, Sony, Beauty World Middle East, and Premier Radio, Eryca empowers individuals to embrace calm, non-abusive habits, techniques, and behaviors. Her profound message? Be gentle and kind to yourself, and embark on a transformative journey toward lasting peace, harmony, love, and stability.

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