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Eryca Freemantle was born in London. Her career started at about the same time as many of London’s top artist including Pat McGrath. Eryca was assigned to Island Records and worked with some of the most successful music Artist, working on pop videos, commercials and magazines. During her career, she represented black women in the makeup and beauty industry and was featured in Forbes, Bloomberg TV, The Evening Standard, Global Beauty News amongst others. She worked with some leading brands including, Laura Mercier, Keromask, Olympia Beauty, Pro Beauty & Unilever. She is a former advisor to London College of Fashion where she sat on the advisory board for many years.

Her footprint is global, UK, USA,NIGERIA, GHANA, DUBAI, GAMBIA, SOUTH AFRICA & GERMANY. A thought leader and a diversity champion. She understands the link between, makeup, entertainment, fashion and the music industry’s. Eryca’s mission is to educate, educate and keep on educating. Eryca Freemantle, a distinguished professional in the makeup industry, is a master at managing and cultivating strategic partnerships with brands and individuals on a global scale. With an in-depth understanding of the makeup space, Eryca demonstrates a keen awareness of industry trends, consumer preferences, and emerging markets.

As a visionary, Eryca not only manages relationships but also crafts mutually beneficial partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries. Serving as a bridge between makeup brands and influential individuals, she ensures seamless collaborations that maximize global impact and visibility.

Key attributes of Eryca Freemantle include:

Strategic Vision: Eryca exhibits a strategic mindset, envisioning and implementing partnership strategies aligned with the overarching goals of both brands and individuals in the makeup industry.Global Notability: With a finger on the pulse of international trends, Eryca brings a global perspective to her partnerships. She leverages her understanding of diverse markets to facilitate collaborations that resonate across cultures.

Relationship Management: Adept at building and nurturing relationships, Eryca excels in creating lasting connections with makeup brands and influential individuals, prioritizing open communication and mutual understanding.

Industry Expertise: Armed with in-depth knowledge of the makeup space, including product innovation, industry regulations, and consumer behavior, Eryca Freemantle serves as a trusted advisor to brands and individuals alike.

Networking Prowess: With an extensive network within the makeup industry, Eryca is well-connected, facilitating introductions and collaborations that open doors for both brands and individuals on a global scale.

Negotiation Skills: A skilled negotiator, Eryca navigates partnerships with finesse. She ensures that agreements are equitable, mutually beneficial, and aligned with the strategic objectives of all parties involved.Brand Representation: Serving as a representative of brands and individuals, Eryca understands the importance of maintaining a consistent and positive brand image. She embodies the values and ethos of the entities she partners with.

Innovative Thinking: Embracing creativity and innovation, Eryca seeks out unique opportunities and groundbreaking initiatives that set her collaborations apart in the competitive makeup landscape.

Results-Driven: With a focus on measurable outcomes, Eryca is committed to achieving tangible results for both brands and individuals. She tracks key performance indicators and adapts strategies to ensure success.

In essence, Eryca Freemantle is a dynamic and influential force within the makeup industry, orchestrating collaborations that elevate brands and individuals to new heights of global notoriety and success.

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