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Eryca Freemantle was born in London and caught her break in the late 1980’s Her career started at about the same time as many of Londons’s top artist including Pat McGrath. Eryca was assigned to Island Records and worked with some of the most successful music Artist, working on pop videos, commercials and magazines. During her career, she represented black women in the makeup and beauty industry and was featured in Forbes, Bloomberg TV, The Evening Standard, Global Beauty News amongst others. She worked with some leading brands including, Laura Mercier, Keromask, Olympia Beauty, Pro Beauty & Unilever. She is a former advisor to London College of Fashion where she sat on the advisory board for many years. Her footprint is global, UK, USA,NIGERIA, GHANA, DUBAI, GAMBIA, SOUTH AFRICA & GERMANY. A thought leader and a diversity champion. She understands the link between, makeup, entertainment, fashion and the music industry’s. Eryca’s mission is to educate, educate and keep on educating.

Meet Eryca Freemantle

With over 35 years’ experience in business and the beauty industry and a former makeup artist she was hired by Island Records which lead to her working with successful celebrities. Eryca Freemantle successfully carved out a career as a leading expert, diversity specialist, educator, public & keynote TEDX speaker and a conscientious businesswoman. She consults for businesses worldwide by providing exclusive and genuine opportunities for progression. Her expertise in connecting professionals and high achievers comes with access to valuable networks, insights, inspirations, and opportunities. During her career she has worked alongside industry’s giants, including, Laura Mercier, Keromask, Fashion Fair, Olympia Beauty, Professional Beauty, Nars and several others, she is often assigned by Global Cosmetic News for her expertise on Diversity.

Her knowledge and expertise seen in SKIN the documentary on NetFlix. She co-hosts Moments with Mo a popular TV show in Lagos, Nigeria A proud Black woman she has plays a key role in influencing businesses to rethink their strategies on inclusion; her most notable campaign is the creation of ‘Embracing All Tones of Women’. Freemantle is in demand across the globe for her expertise including, England, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Gambia, Dubai, Turkey & USA. Her interest in education and desire to see others achieve, saw her appointed as a Governor to London Design & Engineering Academy. She is a mentor, Business Coach, Ambassador, and Life Coach for the Princes’ Trust which was launched by King Charles in England. She is a former adviser to London College of Fashion (the most prestigious institution in the world). She often speaks and holds high-profile events at the Houses of Parliament in London, England. She partners regularly with the UKTI across the globe.


Eryca is sought after by leading professionals in the beauty industry. Her career is very long. She tends to be more in the background . Her reputation surpasses her and her knowledge about beauty for women of colour is in demand. She had consulted for many lead brands and played interval part in the development and launch of products. She sat on the board of advisor for London College of Fashion for several years. She wrote a number of courses too. She advised the government on the Body Image Campaign addressing the needs for young women of colour. Eryca had bern responsible for launching the careers of many in the industry.


The one thing business teaches you is discipline. A skilled life coach who believes in supporting other women to push forward and pursue their dreams. Eryca herself was involved in a car accident which left her bald. While at school she was bullied and as a little girl she was sexually abused. She became a master in resilience. She believes work starts internally. Once you feel good inside you will glow externally with time. Eryca prefers to do 121 coaching. This enables her to do a deep dive with her clients.


Eryca loves to speak to women and believes men should listen in too. She has delivered over 100 key notes speeches. Her talks are engaging and inspirational. She regularly speaks in schools, colleges and universities. She believes in getting the job done. She understands the power of speaking and endeavours to deliver from the pit of her stomach. Her largest audience had almost 16,000 in attendance. This was a women’s summit in Africa, arranged by the HRH and Governor of Calabar in Nigeria. She has spoken at, Forbes Women Summit, Diversity & Inclusion conference in Germany,Lloyd’s Bank, Nat Nat West, Olympia, Houses of Parliament, Unilever, Laura Mercier HQ and UCL LONDON


Women of colour contribute both fiscally and visually in most industries. Spending 9 times more than any other race on beautification . Freemantle believes it is important to create infrastructures which helps gain equal stand for women of colour . Many mainstream industry professionals do not hesitate or are even aware their businesses carry a tone which places limitation on their success. Simply by having honest and intellectual conversation many cultures can combine and make a difference to several industries. Over the years Euromonitor, Mintel, Unilever, African Beauty Report, Spell Magazine, Bloomsberg amongst others including the tech industry have called upon her expertise.


Eryca believes it is imperative women understand the dynamics of medium to long term mind, body, soul and spiritual control, over the easier options of surrendering to short term circumstances, problems, challenges or situations. She encourages women to realise, you don’t have to live in Pain, Trauma and Sorrow for the rest of your life. She believes women deserve and can experience Freedom, Happiness, Peace and Joy. Eryca suffers from depression and anxiety. She is aware we need to set ourselves free, permanently from people and problems that do not make you feel good about yourself . Abuse comes in numerous forms. Eryca shares how to gain healthy self-esteem, self-confidence and self-beliefs. She will show you how to attain a consistent State of Peace, Harmony, Love, Joy, Tranquility, Happiness, Emotion and Stability. Showing you calm, Non-Abusive habits, Techniques and Behaviour. In essence be gentle and kind to your self. Worked with: Island Records, Princes Trust, Breast Cancer Awarness, Amey Finance,Sony, Beauty World Middle East, and Premier Radio.

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