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E.A.T.O.W Consultancy was created by our founder Eryca Freemantle and this is a package designed for those who find themselves on a Beauty Industry ferris wheel. Having been in the industry for over 36 years, this offering is for those who feel stuck. If you need guidance and support to grow your brand or business, E.A.T.O.W is the voice you need on your team. We offer advice and expertise to organisations and individuals to help improve their performance in all areas  including operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy.    Our aim is to improve your grasp of what’s coming next for you Brand or Business.

You will gain a better understanding of where you are going in your new or existing business. We place particular emphasis on small business owners in the beauty industries including makeup, nails, skincare e.t.c.  We will complete a 360 degree analysis of the Business or Brand. Many beauty industry members do not realise that your business carries a tone or a culture which places limitation on potential for success. E.A.T.O.W.Consultancy is here to upscale what you have and introduce you to new concepts.We work alongside industry investors, leadership strategists and venture capitalists  –  if your business is ready for them, we will make the necessary introductions for no extra charge.

The 90 minutes you invest in E.A.T.O.W Consultancy will change your business. 

Once you book your session you will receive a workbook for you to understand the degree of work you will be undertaking, going through this workbook takes up part of the consultancy, so it’s important that you go through it prior to your appointment.